Welcome From The Chair!

Dr Alison Sheridan, Emeritus Curator of Early Prehistory in the Department of Scottish History & Archaeology, National Museum of Scotland (NMS). Dr Sheidan is pictured looking at some axeheads on display in an exhibition at the NMS in 2016: Stone Age Jade from the Alps (Photo by and Phil Wilkinson ©2016 NMS & courtesy of the NMS).

Welcome to the new look Implement Petrology Group website, created, maintained and curated for the IPG by Lithoscapes. Here you can find out about who we are, what we do, and the history of our group. You can also check out our publications and resources.

Implement petrology has a long history in the British Isles, extending back to the 1930s. Today, working alongside our colleagues in the South-Western Implement Petrology Group. We are a subject-specialist network of archaeologists, petrologists and geologists, lithicists, and Museum Curators aiming to understand the chaînes opératoires of Neolithic, and the Chalcolithic, to Bronze Age lithic raw material use and stone implements in the British Isles.

The IPG is a voluntary organisation with a long and illustrious past and a future in which we shall strive to share our enthusiasm and knowledge with all who are interested.

Dr Alison Sheridan FBA FRSE FSA Scot FSA ACIfA

Chair of IPG