Davis, V. (Ed.), 2015b. Stonechat: The e-Newsletter of the Implement Petrology Group Volume 4. pp36. 

  • Editorial
  • IPG Membership News
    • People
    • Field Meeting: September 2015
    • The cost of scholarship – an update
    • Stone implement recording instructions and record forms
  • Stone implements and the Portable Antiquities Scheme: Kevin Leahy
  • Making do: discussing the ethics of stone tool replication: Brendan O’Neill and Bernard Gilhooly
  • The Cleveland Dyke: an implement petrology conundrum?: Vin Davis
  • Thoughts on Cumbrian quartz: Peter Cherry and Vin Davis
  • Stone tools from Mokau, North Island, New Zealand: Eunice Eccles
  • The Tot Lord Collection of prehistoric stone tools: a preview – Tom Lord and Vin Davis