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  1. Katie Kewley — Manx stone axes.
  2. Kath Walker — Stone Tools and Identity.
  3. Torben Ballin — Some Problems Associated with Lithic Analysis.
  4. Vin Davis: — The Importance of the Stainton West Carlisle Lithics Excavated by Oxford Archaeology North (OAN).
  5. Gabriel Cooney — The Shetland Riebeckite Felsite Project
  6. Onur Ozbek — Palaeolithic to Neolithic quarry and workshop sites in Turkey
  7. Richard Bevins et al — Recent Geoarchaeological Research — Stonehenge Lithics
  8. Peter Cherry — reassessing flint, chert, and stone scatters from NW England
  9. Roberto Risch — the mechanical testing of implement rock and sources.
  10. Chris Fowler: — Stonescapes in Northern England.
  11. Vin Davis & Tom Clare — Community Geoarchaeological Workshops and Fieldwork in NW England.
  12. For Your Interest and Information: a New Book by Mark Edmonds Takes A Refreshingly New Look at Langdale Geology, Prehistory, and Landscape.