Edmonds, M., & Davies, V. (Eds.), 2009. Special Edition: Implement Petrology theme. Internet archaeology 26. URL: https://intarch.ac.uk/journal/issue26/index.html

The text for this volume is available here.


The articles collected here are the written record of presentations given at a conference on stone tool studies held in Britain at the Department of Archaeology, University of York, in the autumn of 2007. Convened by the Implement Petrology Group, the purpose of the conference was to encourage those working in a wide range of contexts to come together to discuss current approaches in lithic research. It seemed like a good idea; after all, stone tools are one of the most durable forms of evidence that we have for the study of the prehistoric past, and the conference created a chance to explore the various ways that this near-ubiquitous material is currently approached, analysed and interpreted around the world.


  • Editorial – Stone Tools in Analytical and Cultural Perspective – Mark Edmonds and Vin Davis
  • Techno-economy of Iberomaurusian Lithic Assemblages. New data from Courbet-Marine (North-Eastern Littoral of Algiers) – Latifa Sari
  • Stone Bracelet Production in Mali – Anne Garin Carmagnani and Yvan Pailler
  • The Stone Tool Industry of Hac Sa, Macau, China – Vin Davis & Roy Sit Kai Sin
  • The Petrology of the Wong Tei Tung Stone Tool Manufacturing Site, Sham Chung, Hong Kong Sar, China – Vin Davis & Rob Ixer
  • Stone Tool Production-Distribution Systems at Huizui, China – Anne Ford
  • Production of Stone Spades and Emergence of the First State in the Yiluo region, China – Li Liu, Xingcan Chen & John Webb
  • The Neolithic Stone Implements of China: a review – Zhang Chi
  • Raw materials, Production, and Distribution of Xuejiagang Stone Tools – Zhuang Lina
  • The Pattern of Exploration at the Quarry on Mount Dagudui, Shanxi Province, PRChina – Zhai Shaodong
  • The Prehistoric Axe Factory at Sanganakallu-Kupgal (Bellary District), Southern India – Roberto Risch, Nicole Boivin, Michael Petraglia, David Gómez-Gras, Ravi Korisettar & Dorian Fuller
  • The Challenge of Characterising Large Assemblages of Exotic Materials: a Case Study of the Obsidian from Domuztepe, SE Turkey – Elizabeth Healey & Stuart Campbell
  • Veneration and Spiritual Pleading through Stone: Observations and Musings on Current Practice in Rural Turkmenistan – Glenys McLaren
  • Axe Production and Exchange in the Seine Valley (France) – François Giligny, Françoise Bostyn, Jérémie Couderc, Nicolas le Maux, Harold Lethrosne, Adrienne Lo Carmine & Cécile Riquier
  • The Functional and Symbolic Value of Grinding Stone Tools from the Late Bandkeramik of North-Western Europe – Caroline Hamon
  • The Role of Stone in Neolithic Monumental Art: case studies and methods of representation in Ireland and Brittany – Guillaume Robin & Serge Cassen
  • ‘They Wrought Almost any Material that Came in Their Way’: Mesolithic Flint Alternatives in the West of Ireland – Killian Driscoll
  • Exploring the Chaîne Opératoires in Irish Quartz Lithic Traditions: Current Research – Killian Driscoll
  • Bits and Pieces: early Bronze Age stone bracers from Ireland – Fiona Roe & Ann Woodward
  • The use of exotic flint and the Neolithisation of the Lower Rhine Basin (NL) – Annelou van Gijn
  • Underground Prehistoric Mining in Europe – Salvador Domínguez Bella
  • Biographies of Stone and Landscape: Lithic Scatters – Clive Jonathon Bond
  • Life Amongst the Rubbish: Middening and Conspicuous Consumption at Durrington Walls – Ben Chan
  • Flint and Tuff in Prehistoric Cumbria – P.J. Cherry
  • An Asymmetrical Trade: Trade in the Exotic and Our Understanding of Axes and Early Neolithic Exchange – Tom Clare
  • The Fire in The Flint: Arrowhead Production and Heat Treatment – Diana Coles
  • Everybody Must Get Stones – Timothy Darvill
  • From Implement to Outcrop: a Model for Identifying Implement Source Rock at Outcrop – Amy Davis, Vin Davis & Mik Markham
  • Neolithic Ground Axeheads and Monuments in Wessex – David Field
  • Aspects of the Petrology and Geochemistry of Greenstones: with Special Reference to SW England and Wales – P.A. Floyd
  • Ceremony and Carpentry? Neolithic Stone Axeheads in an East Yorkshire (UK) Lowland Landscape – Peter Halkon
  • The Devil’s in the Detail: A review of Group I and III Petrographic Thin-Sections – Mik Markham
  • Cache and Carry: Lithic Technology and Mesolithic mobility – Paul R. Preston
  • ‘Durable Residues’: Addressing the Use of Microwear, a Case Study from March Hill – Ivan Briz y Godino, Myrian Álvarez, Penny Spikins & Andrew Needham
  • Graig Lwyd (Group VII) Lithic Assemblages from the Excavations at Parc Bryn Cegin, Llandygai, Gwynedd, Wales – analysis and interpretation – J. Ll. W. Williams & Jane Kenney
  • Erratics and Re-Cycled Stone: Scholarly Irrelevancies or Fundamental Utilities to Lithic Studies in Prehistoric Britain and Beyond? – C. Stephen Briggs
  • A Study of Olmec Serpentinite: Exchange, Production, Distribution, and Consumption During the Early and Middle Formative Period in Mesoamerica – Olaf Jaime-Riverón, Dolores Tenorio Castilleros, Thomas Calligaro & Juan Carlos Cruz Ocampo
  • Review of Virtual Representations of the Past [Book] – Ann Gow