Walker, K. (Ed.), 2018b. Stonechat: The e-Newsletter of the Implement Petrology Group, Volume 6. pp 23.

  • Editorial
  • Supply and demand in prehistory? Economics of Neolithic Mining in NW Europe (NEOMINE), Stephen Shennan, Andy Bevan, Kevan Edinborough, Tim Kerig, Mike Parker Pearson and Peter Schauer
  • A contextual and comparative analysis of the uses and significance of Northern British perforated stone implements: a preliminary study, Amber Roy
  • Radio 3 Quartz, a recommendation from Timothy Darvill
  • Shetland Workshop and IPG field trip, May 2017, Alison Sheridan
  • Vin’s memorial book: call for papers, Katharine Walker
  • Review of the Neolithic Studies Group Meeting on ‘Extracting more than a rock? Insights into the acquisition of stone and flint in the Neolithic’, November 2017