Battle-axe (Carmarthen Museum A76-1076)


The Implement Petrology Group is an international network of archaeologists and petrologists who study prehistoric stone axes and related stone tools.

The IPG’s achievements include:

  • the coordination of petrological analysis on over 7,500 specimens,
  • two conferences on stone axes,
  • the publication of three major monographs.

Through its work the group has significantly advanced our understanding of the distribution and significance of axes in the Neolithic and Early Bronze Age.

The group meets twice a year to discuss current research and visit axe production areas and related sites.

Recent news

MESO-lithics project 1.0
Inaugural conference, 24 May 2014.

Stonechat, Issue 1
The first issue of the Implement Petrology Group's newsletter (March 2014).

Maori clubs and prehistoric axes
IPG member Dave Field has recently published on a maori jade club.

Review of Stonehenge study
Richard Bevins and Rob Ixer's work on the Stonehenge rhyolites reviewed by SALON.