6 – 7 May 2010 (Carmarthen)

11th Meeting of the Implement Petrology Group

held at the Boar’s Head Hotel, Carmarthen

1. Present
Vin Davis (Chairman and Minute Secretary)); Steven Briggs, Steve Burrow, Gabriel Cooney, Tim Darvill, Dave Field, Rosemary Stewart, Pete Topping, Andy Young (guest),

2 Apologies were received from
Mark Edmonds, Alison Sheridan, Mik Markham, Fiona Roe, Tom Clare, Torben Ballin, John Williams, Jon Clatworthy, Gill Varndell, Dave Jenkins, Dave Weddle, Dave Dawson, Joan Taylor, Mike Heyworth, Alison Fox, Kate Barr.

3. The Chairman welcomed Andy Young to the Meeting
He is retired police officer and is currently working for a PhD degree at Exeter University. His research topic mainly concerns the manufacture and use of stone tools in prehistory; his research interests complement significantly those of Dave Weddle. Andy has extensive knowledge of Cumbrian archaeology and landscape.

4. The Minutes of the Lancaster Meeting
With a rephrasing of Minute 14 suggested by Stephen Briggs, were agreed to be an accurate record.

5. Matters arising from the Minutes
There were not matters arising that were not covered by the Agenda.

6 Chairman’s Report (Circulated in advance. Please read these Minutes in association with that document).
i. The Chairman said that there was comparatively little business to report mainly because of the short time since the last Meeting, on 6th March 2010.
ii. The Chairman tabled several off-prints of articles relating to implement petrology (listed in his written report); and various documents relating to the Field Excursions to Strumble Head and Carn Menyn, provided by Steve Briggs and Tim Darvill.
iii. The Chairman, on behalf of all participants, thanked Steve Briggs and Tim Darvill for their excellent preparation and provision of the Strumble Head & Carn Menyn Field Days.

7. Secretary’s Report
Steve Burrow asked Members to supply text and illustrations for the web site, which was now operational. It was suggested that useful additions to the website might include: sets of Minutes and documents tables at IPG Meetings; and hand-out material distributed at the Annual Field Meetings in England, Wales and Ireland.

Members’ Business
8. Dave Field reported progress on the new Oxbow publication on Trans-Atlantic Studies in Ancient Quarries and Trade. There was strong support for the SEA Proposal at the St Louis USA Conference for the compilation of an international inventory of prehistoric quarry and mine sites.
9. Pete Topping explained that, in order to avoid potential legal difficulties, the IPG should no longer circulate e-copies of the “Quarry” publication. Pete will liaise with Steve Burrow about this.

10. Any Other Business
Aall other business related to aspects of the fieldwork visits to Strumble Head and Carn Menyn.

11. Next meeting
The winter Meeting would take place in York. Because King’s Manor was no longer available, the venue would be St Olave’s Church Hall, Marygate Lane, which is close-by King’s Manor and the CBA HQ.