6 – 11 September 2007: Programme

This is the provisional programme given to delegates as part of the conference pack.

Thursday 6th September

12.00 Registration. Opens King’s Manor
14.30 Welcome. Tempest Anderson Hall

Session One Chair: Vin Davis & Mark Edmonds
Tempest Anderson Hall
15.00 R. Bradley Raw Materials. [abstract]
16.00 Y. Pailler The Production, distribution and significance of all-over Polished flint axes in Britain. [abstract]
16.30 Zhuang Lina The Xuejiagang stone tool industry, PR China. [abstract]
17.00 S. Burrow Mynydd Rhiw: A Neolithic stone extraction site in Northwest Wales. [abstract]
17.30 T. Darvill Everybody must get stones. [abstract]

18.00 to 19.30 Civic Reception Huntington Room, King’s Manor.

Friday 7th September

Session Two Chair: Gabriel Cooney
Tempest Anderson Hall
9.00 T. Ballin The Felsite industrial complex of North Roe, Shetland – A Neolithic axe and knife factory. [abstract]
9.30 J. Jaime-Riveron, T Calligaro & D Tenorio Landscape and archaeometry of Olmec Greenstone artefacts in Early Mesoamerica: Quarrying, production and consumption. [abstract]
10.00 O. Ozbek Primary & Secondary Raw material use in the Neolithic of Northwest Turkey in the production of polished stone tools. [abstract]
10.30 P. Topping Ritualised Extraction. [abstract]

11.00 to 11.30 Coffee Tempest Anderson Hall

11.30 F. Roe & A. Woodward Bits & Pieces: Early Bronze Age stone bracers from Ireland. [abstract]
12.00 A. Van Gijn The social significance of flint for Neolithic and Bronze Age communities in the Lower Rhine Basin. [abstract]
12.30 P. Storemyr et al Stone procurement and Rock Art at the West bank of Aswan, Egypt. [abstract]

13.00 to 14.00 Lunch Various

Session Three Chair: Alison Sheridan
Tempest Anderson Hall
14.00 P. Potts, P. Webb & J. Watson Portable XRF in the provenancing of lithic artefacts. [abstract]
14.30 R. Risch, D. Gomez Gras, N. Bolvian, A. Brumm & M. Petraglia The prehistoric axe factory at Sanganakallu-Kupgal, Southern India. [abstract]
15.00 P. LaPorta, M. Brewer & S. Minchak The life cycle of hammer stones and the organic nature of quarry activity. [abstract
15.30 T. Insoll, R. MacLean, & B. Kankpeyeng ‘Ancestral Geology’: Lithic power and shrine franchising in Northern Ghana. [abstract]

16.00 to 16.30 Tea Tempest Anderson Hall

16.30 P.Petrequin, S. Cassen, M Errera, E Gauthier, L Klassen, A-M Petrequin, A Sheridan & M Rossy. Dark and Pale: the two colours of the Alpine axe trade system in Western Europe. [abstract]
17.00 F. Giligny The exchange and circulation of axes in the Seine Valley above Paris during the Neolithic. [abstract]
17.30 G. Robin & S. Cassen The role of stone in Neolithic steles and passage tomb art: case studies and methods of representation in Ireland and Brittany. [abstract]

18.30 Reception, handling display and presentation in York Museum York Museum

Saturday 8th September

Session Four Chair: Tim Darvill
Tempest Anderson Hall
9.00 G. McLaren Veneration and spiritual pleading through stone. Observations and musings on current practice in rural Turkmenistan. [abstract]
9.30 R.Risch Social and economic organisation of stone axe production and distribution in the Western Mediterranean. [abstract]
10.00 D. Field Ground axes in Wessex. [abstract]
10.30 S. Briggs Erratics and re-cycled stone in Prehistoric Britain and beyond : scholarly irrelevancies or fundamental utilities. [abstract]

11.00 to 11.30 Coffee Tempest Anderson Hall

11.30 M. Markham The Devil’s in the detail – Group I and Ia axes under the microscope . [abstract]
12.00 A. Burke Reconciling the symbolic and economic dimensions of lithic raw material use: Examples from prehistoric Northeastern North America. [abstract]
12.30 D. Mullin The Bronze Age use of Dolerite on the Welsh border. [abstract]

13.00 to 14.00 Lunch Various

Session Five Chair: Dave Field
Tempest Anderson Hall
14.00 Zhai Shaodong A study of the pattern of exploitation at the quarry on Mount Dagudui, Shanxi Province, PR China. [abstract]
14.30 C. Hamon The functional and symbolic value of grinding stone tools from the Late Bandkeramik in Northwest Europe. [abstract]
15.00 T. Emerson, R Hughes & S Wisseman Reinterpreting North American Native exchange patterns through mineralogical analysis. [abstract]
15.30 J. Kenny & J. Llewelyn Williams Graig Lwyd (Group VII) lithics from Parc Bryn Cegin, Llandygai and their ritual and chronological implications. [abstract]

16.00 to 18.00 Workshops, tool making, posters, powerpoints and films King’s Manor
20.00 Conference Dinner (booked in advance) King’s Manor

Sunday 9th September

Session Six Chair: Mark Edmonds
Tempest Anderson Hall
9.00 T.Clare Drawing Short Straws. [abstract]
9.30 R. Ixer Waiting by the river: Stonehenge and the Severn Estuary. [abstract]
10.00 Y. Maigrot Neolithic polished stone axes and hafting: technical use and social function (5th-3rd millennium Jura). [abstract]
10.30 T. Manby The ‘Ancient Stone Implements’ of Yorkshire: Recovery and context in the landscape. [abstract]

11.00 to 11.30 Coffee Tempest Anderson Hall

11.30 Y. Perdaen The cultural significance of quartzite in the Mesolithic of the Low Countries. [abstract]
12.00 K. Driscoll They wrought almost any material that came in their way”: Mesolithic flint alternatives in the west of Ireland. [abstract]
12.30 K. Wentink Ceci n’est pas une hache: Neolithic depositions in the northern Netherlands. [abstract]

13.00 to 14.00 Lunch Various

Session Seven Chair: Vin Davis
Tempest Anderson Hall
14.00 D. Bukach, J. Hunter, A. Woodward & R. Ixer Reconsidering the function of stone grave goods in Early Bronze Age Britain. [abstract]
14.30 C. Delage The local exploitation of flint/chert sources: A case study from the Early Prehistory of Northern Israel (800,000-6,000BP). [abstract]
15.00 M. Saso Archaeology and the Gate of Hell. [abstract]
15.30 Gabriel Cooney, S Mandal and E O’Keeffe IAXE – The Irish Stone Axe Database. [abstract]

16.00 Conference ends (Tea) Tempest Anderson Hall

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