Stonechat, issue 6

Posted by Steve Burrow on February 22, 2018

The six issue of the Implement Petrology Group’s newsletter (January 2018).

Download Stonechat, issue 6 (1.5mb file).


1. Supply and demand in prehistory? Economics of Neolithic mining in NW Europe (NEOMINE), Stephen Shennan, Andy Bevan, Kevan Edinborough, Tim Kerig, Mike Parker Pearson and Peter Schauer
2. A contextual and comparative analysis of the uses and significance of Northern British perforated stone implements: a preliminary study, Amber Roy
3. Radio 3 Quartz, a recommendation from Timothy Darvill
4. Shetland Workshop and IPG field trip, May 2017, Alison Sheridan
5. Vin’s memorial book: call for papers, Katharine Walker
6. Review of the Neolithic Studies Group Meeting on ‘Extracting more than rock? Insights into the acquisition of stone and flint in the Neolithic’, November 2017

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