Stonechat, Issue 1

Posted by Steve Burrow on March 29, 2014

The first issue of the Implement Petrology Group’s newsletter (March 2014).

Download Stonechat, Issue 1 (4mb file).

1. Katie Kewley on Manx stone axes
2. Kath Walker on stone tools and identity
3. Torben Ballin on some problems associated with lithic analysis
4. Vin Davis: on the importance of the Stainton West Carlisle lithics excavated by Oxford
Archaeology North (OAN)
5. Gabriel Cooney on the Shetland Riebeckite Felsite Project
6. Onur Ozbek on Palaeolithic to Neolithic quarry and workshop sites in Turkey
7. Richard Bevins et al on recent geoarchaeological research on Stonehenge lithics
8. Peter Cherry on reassessing flint, chert and stone scatters from NW England
9. Roberto Risch on the mechanical testing of implement rock and sources
10. Chris Fowler: on Stonescapes in Northern England
11. Vin Davis & Tom Clare on community geoarchaeological workshops and fieldwork in NW
12. For your interest and information: new book by Mark Edmonds takes a refreshingly new look
at Langdale geology, prehistory and landscape.

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