Project JADE pre-publication offer

Posted by Steve Burrow on January 23, 2012

The circulation of Alpine jades in the Neolithic was an extraordinary phenomenon on a vast unsuspected scale, extending from Bulgaria’s Varna in the east to Britanny’s Morbihan in the west.

The source of this material and its distribution across Europe was the subject of the research project JADE (National Agency for Research, France), between 2006 and 2010.

The results are now published in “JADE. Grandes haches alpines du Néolithique européen, Ve au IVe millénaires av. J.-C.” coordinated by P. Pétrequin, S. Cassen, M. Errera, L. Klassen, A. Sheridan and A.-M. Pétrequin

The book will be available in April 2012 but a 20% discount is available for purchases before this date.

The order form (including table of contents) can be found here.

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