Stonechat, issue 5

Posted by Steve Burrow on February 04, 2017

The fifth issue of the Implement Petrology Group’s newsletter (January 2017).

Download Stonechat, issue 5 (2.1mb file).


1. Welcome from our new Chair, Alison Sheridan
2. Digitising the Mike Pitts Stone Axe Archive, Katharine Walker and Mik Markham
3. Stoneaxe Wiki-Outline concept, Mik Markham
4. More than trade, Sally Taylor
5. News from JADE2, Alison Sheridan
6. New book: Written in Stone: Papers on the function, form, and provenancing of
prehistoric stone objects in memory of Fiona Roe (ed. Ruth Shaffrey)
7. The Implement Petrology Meeting and Workshop, Birmingham, 13th-14th February
8. Details of the next meeting

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