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Stonechat, Issue 3

Posted by Steve Burrow on March 08, 2015
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The third issue of the Implement Petrology Group’s newsletter (March 2015).

Download Stonechat, issue 3 (3mb file).


1. National Importance Programme: lithic sites assessment 7046: The Neolithic Axe Factories of Great Langdale and Scafell Pike: Oxford Archaeology North.

2. A critical review of Group VI stone artefacts: fact and opinion: Vin Davis

3. Field visit to a stone tool quarry and manufacture site at Tranmore, near Monvoy, Co. Waterford, Ireland: Vin Davis

4. Cobble stone mining tools in prehistoric metal mining: Simon Timberlake

5. Some thoughts on making replica Neolithic ground axe heads: Jack Grasse

6. New evidence for the authenticity of Group XXVI stone tools: Vin Davis

7. The EBA “perforated axe” from Lingbar Hill barrow near Hellifield, North Yorkshire: Tom Lord

8. Neolithic pottery and (Group IX) lithics from a site on the north east coast of Anglesey: Frances Lynch

9. The cost of scholarship: Gill Varndell

10. Newly identified Neolithic monuments in the north of England and their implications for Neolithic lithic studies: Yvonne Luke

11. The Implement Petrology Workshop, York, 11th January 2015: Mik Markham and Vin Davis

12. News on JADE2: Alison Sheridan and Pierre Pétrequin