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Stonechat, Issue 2

Posted by Steve Burrow on January 29, 2015
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The second issue of the Implement Petrology Group’s newsletter (March 2014).

Download Stonechat, Issue 2 (2mb file).

1. Editorial

2. The Brittany Experience: May 2014
a. Charles-Tanguy Le Roux – a Blast from the Past: Vin Davis
b. Breton axe-heads in Neolithic Britain: Katherine Walker
c. Les Haches a Pan axes: Petrus Petrequin

3. The Shetland Felsite Project (SFP) Season June 2014
a. Roy Ritchie – a Blast from the Past: Vin Davis
b. Geology, petrography and geochemistry – a progress report: Mik Markham
c. Public engagement in SFP Roadshow and Workshops in Lerwick and Ollenberry

4. Local source suspected for ‘exotic’ artifact rock. Peter Cherry and Vin Davis