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Maori clubs and prehistoric axes

Posted by Steve Burrow on February 15, 2014
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IPG member Dave Field has recently published a paper on maori jade in the context of prehistoric debate about curated artefacts. The abstract reads:

In prehistoric archaeology there is much debate on the extent to which artefacts had a long history and period of use and meaning before reaching their final resting place. In this paper some possibilities are examined via discussion of an important stone artefact from New Zealand and its associated historical information.

The paper is published here:

Field, D (2012) “Porourangi: a Maori Symbol of War, Peace and Identity”, p55-61. In Trigg, J. R. (ed) “Of Things Gone but not Forgotten: Essays in archaeology for Joan Taylor”. Oxford: British Archaeological Reports, International Series S2434.

With online details available from Archaeopress.